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Labelon appreciates that many retailers, such as River Island, have a vast portfolio of packaging items which can be used across various garments and buying departments. 
For the garment manufacturer and, to a lesser degree, the retail buying team, this can cause identification issues at source.
From experience, Labelon has identified that during re-brands and product phase-out periods, specific items may become unavailable from stock and alternative item refs are often required to fulfil orders.
In such cases (as identified for River Island), GMs and buyers alike have a need to see visuals of the items being ordered and of the alternative item refs which may be available. 

Initial proposal:
In the first instance, Labelon developed thumbnail images of all approved trims.  Such images could be supplied on demand to the GM as required. This proved a success as a means to improving the situation. However, due to the high pressures imposed on GMs and the Labelon CS team, such a process proved time consuming and could have potentially impacted on lead-times (particularly if approval of an alternate item was required from the retailer).
Labelon created an image library!
The efficient and user friendly Image Library, developed by Labelon, can be accessed by anyone with an authentic log-in to the Labelon.com website.
Images of all Labelon's approved River Island products can be viewed in the library and as the site can be accessed across all platforms, decisions can be made quickly and efficiently to avoid delays.  Buyers at retailer level can interact with their GMs to make speedy approvals.

Although currently be-spoke to River Island, the format of the image library has been developed in such a way that it can be adapted to cater for any of our clients.  All items, be they swing tickets, woven labels or variable data products can be uploaded to the site upon approval, allowing for quick easy access by the retailer or its supplier base.